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    Asking productive questions is a key element to an effective negotiating strategy in business, politics, and card rooms.—where I have spent a fair share of my spare time.

    Children frequently blurt out whatever questions come into their heads, unnerving adults by their brash simplicity and clarity. More often than not, they ask basic questions designed to understand facts, and context  or to challenge parental authority: They easily inquire, “Why are you asking?” and “What do you mean?” These queries are among the most powerful probes.

    At virtually every negotiating table,  gaining leverage and making deals is dependent in large measure by proficiency in the use of the PEP Principle.  Job seekers, especially senior level candidates are equally well-served to pay close attention to this principle, as errors are generally more costly  in direct proportion to one’s age, experience, and perceived sophistication.

    Put the PEP Principle to Work

    Probe, evaluate, and perform accordingly—PEP—combines the use of appropriate questions for specific situations, with analysis of answers from different vantage points. PEP calls for logic and common sense in the development of information. It also emphasizes the use of practical strategies to gage the relevance and credibility of responses. Lawyers are known to be faithful to this principle,  on behalf of clients; not so much on their own behalf in the career transition process. 

    The keys to mastering the PEP principle, as a job seeker, reside in the career journey. “Seamless presentation of  the major decisions along the way unlock opportunities  for the broadest range of new adventures, ” says Wendeen Eolis, CEO of EOLIS.   In a new  interactive seminar series open to the public as well as one-one one collaborative aching sessions for senior level lawyers and leading executives, Wendeen explores the power of the PEP Principle  at every stage of the search process.  For further information on interactive workshops and coaching options contact at  emead@eolis.com.


    EOLIS staff includes collaborative efforts by EOLIS affiliated consultants. Their backgrounds include business, law, politics, and government.