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    Customized Public Company Board Director Projects

    EOLIS's experience in corporate boardrooms spans five decades. It began with an assignment for Caesars World in 1971, with a presentation of a prospective inside general counsel candidate for the newly constituted public company board.

    EOLIS has grown its boardroom services from ad-hoc searches to a wide range of board room advisory services: most notably searches and vetting assignments (lawyers only) for public company Boards and preparation for board service, assisting in the development of employer targeting, interviewing, and offer evaluation for lawyers actively seeking to capture corporate board seats.

    As part of EOLIS's career management and transition planning services division, lawyers can get an early start in exploring their prospects for securing public company board seats. Crucial material, introductory services for individual lawyers include refreshment of biographical material with advice on how to make the pivot from a lawyer to that of corporate director. As an advisor to CEOs, chairs, and board members, EOLIS also assists companies to evaluate lawyers and law firms as special counsel to their boards. EOLIS's experience with corporate board rooms spans more than five decades. It began with a retainer-base search assignment for an internal general counsel. Caesars World, a newly constituted public board looked to EOLIS to fill the position. The company completed the search after making a presentation of one candidate it presented to the company's board of directors. EOLIS has since served hundreds of boards engaged in hiring special counsel and independent directors, and provides special assistance in the vetting process of potential board candidates. EOLIS's expertise includes recruitment, interviewing, and offer evaluation for lawyers under consideration for corporate board seats.

    As an advisor to CEOs, company chairmen/chairwomen, and non/gov chairs, EOLIS is accustomed to identifying and presenting top level legal talent to make the transition to act as deliberators and policy makers.

    EOLIS offers Boards of Directors  unique services:

    Board Directorship Searches for candidates drawn exclusively from the legal profession

    Board Candidate Vetting Projects preliminary assessments of candidates in the board pipeline

    Board Candidate Research and Development Identification, selection, interviews and courtship of desired candidates

    Board Special Counsel recommendations, selection, vetting projects

    Board Search and Vetting Methodology

    Public companies on the Fortune 1000 list and the Forbes 2000 list engage EOLIS for a variety of Board Directorship Vetting Projects. The majority of these projects precede a formal search.  They are often designed to evaluate prospective candidates in the pipeline or to build a deepened bench of prospects. Other assignments call for EOLIS to interview a candidate under serious consideration.

    EOLIS provides positive recommendations, as warranted by interview findings, references, and independent sources. To the extent that EOLIS obtains positive information, the company offers recommendations, as warranted by interview findings, references, and independent sources, otherwise EOLIS advises clients of both insufficient validated information.

    Coaching/Reputation Mgmt

    Manage your path. For a lawyer, a successful career transition begins with the ability to pivot effectively from the current environment to a new one. It begins with the presentation of biographical data that resonates as proof rather than promotion of practice expertise, experience, performance, intellectual assets acquired over the years, and the likely success in adapting to and succeeding in a new environment.

    EOLIS advises attorneys on self-protective reputation management, articulate fact-driven presentation of their career arcs and coaching designed to emphasize intellectual assets acquired during the course of their careers.

    Serious consideration for a corporate board seat generally demands preparation appealing and sophisticated documents that bear on the career arc from different vantage points. EOLIS's candidate materials reflect the use of tested authentication tools.

    Do you know how to score the notability, suitability, presentability, verifiability, and neutrality of voice, applicable to your oral presentation and written materials? If not, EOLIS can help.

    EOLIS's 50+ year history in conducting interviews, developing validated data, and collaborating, rather than instructing, with lawyers who seek to make big moves and allows to capitalize on their assets and manage effectively their weaker suits.

    At EOLIS, expert advisors, who possess credentials in legal practice, business, and social sciences are responsible for coaching lawyers on the nuanced package that is critical to avoid leaving a world of opportunities on the table.


    Clients admire intellect and pragmatism

    Step Up in a Changing World

    • Offline/online self -protective measures
    • Social media integration
    • Preliminary Public profile assessments
    • SEO analysis
    • Advanced bio material
    • Media messaging
    • Digital thought leadership activities


    • Individual Consults
    • Biographical Material Reviews
    • Presentation Primer
    • Collaborative development of your BOD profile
    • Wikipedia credential assessment
    • Profile research reports
    • Personal Website Consideration
    • Network mapping
    • Market watchlist development
    • Board Pipeline Outreaches

    Employer Targeting

    Eolis International Group helps lawyers identify prospective employers and board seat opportunities. For clients that want a comprehensive overview of the marketplace, EOLIS uses its proprietary database in tandem with active research studies to develop high-value employer target lists.

    Our Company also introduces partners, general counsels, legal executives, and politicos to networking processes that grow the right connections, exponentially and more expeditiously. And, EOLIS follows up-- helping clients to identify, organize and pursue employer possibilities including unique opportunities in the C-Suite and on corporate Boards.

    We Take Clients Through the Process of Engagement:

    • Aggregating the list of valuable contacts
    • Linking valuable contacts with prospective employers
    • Making purposeful connections with decision makers
    • Staying on top of potential opportunities
    • Turning powerful contacts into effective reference providers