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    Law Firm Client Relationship Reviews • Employment Agreements and Separations •Due Diligence • Dispute Resolutions • Expert Services

    Law Firm Client Relationship Reviews

    EOLIS conducts 360-degree internal evaluations for law firms, corporate law departments, and government agencies with an understanding that the intent of these projects is to unify collaboration and pull teams together in pursuit of enhanced productivity, morale, and profitability.

    Employment Agreements and Separations

    Employment agreements and departure arrangements between partners and their law firms are pursued due to various reasons. EOLIS's helps parties avoid needless complications and reach satisfactory resolutions, privately. EOLIS develops business terms in employment arrangements/separations including a wide range of services contracts, and partnership deals, with a deep understanding of both sides in the negotiation.

    Rules of the Road
    Reality Check on Entitlement
    Evaluation of Respective Positions
    Recognition of Potential Exposures
    Regard for Prospect of Future Crossed Paths

    EOLIS services are designed to enhance a contract's business terms. We collaborate on service contracts, assess career opportunities, and resolve employment disputes amicably. EOLIS's record for resolving employment controversies for our clients without litigation has been 100% successful for fifty years.

    EOLIS's proprietary database of lawyers and law firms is valuable because the Company places significant attention on the validation of crowd-sourced data. Wendeen Eolis states “Our goal is to make our gossip better than your facts!”

    Due Diligence Studies - For Law Firms

    EOLIS also assists law firms in due diligence studies and evaluations in conjunction with searches by law firms for top-level rainmaking talent and senior leadership roles for corporate law departments, C-Suites, and governments.

    EOLIS due diligence reports reflect a three-pronged process we call the PP Principle: probe, evaluate and predict knowledgeably. Due diligence reports are customized to fit client needs and on occasion include collaboration with others beyond our noted expertise to assure full compliance with laws that affect investigations.

    Human Resources Initiatives

    We work with human resources professionals and employment lawyers on employment terms, departures, career transition services, and related matters, as needed. We also collaborate with executives on negotiation strategies for contracts that may impact their lives, far beyond their workplace.


    Due Diligence Process

    • Sourcing Decisions
    • Compilation of Data
    • Sorting of Data
    • Footnote Selections
    • Verification
    • Reporting

    Expert Reports and Testimony

    EOLIS advises clients, courtrooms, and arbitrators on legal marketplace dynamics and industry customs and practices: particularly including attorney and legal recruiting compensation matters and accessibility to attorney experts, especially for white papers related to legislation and other government affairs.
    A certified coach and an experienced arbitrator, Wendeen Eolis is a qualified expert, with substantial experience in federal and state courts and both formal and informal formal arbitrations related to the customs, practices, and compensation arrangements in the legal profession. She has been deemed qualified in every case that has tested her credentials.
    She was a leading force behind the modernization of state laws that affect all manner of recruiters. The New York State Senate presented her with a citation for her contributions and her expertise is recognized across the country in cases involving fee disputes, attorney compensation claims, and employment discrimination grievances.


    Dispute Resolutions

    • Arbitrator
    • Mediator
    • Expert Witness (State Court)
    • Expert (Federal Court)

    Expert Services

    Wendeen H. Eolis has been qualified as an expert witness in both state and federal courts. She is also an experienced arbitrator and mediator who has handled scores of arbitration and mediation matters related to attorney compensation, and legal recruiting fees. She accepts a limited number of such engagements each year.

    Law Firm Consulting Services

    EOLIS advises law firm management committees, search committees, chief talent officers, and other senior leadership on best practices to streamline and expedite searches and protect against controversies with outside recruiters.

    Please note: EOLIS does not offer any legal opinions/conclusions regarding its contract negotiation services and recommends that clients retain counsel for the legal review of any contract prior to signing. EOLIS is experienced in selection and retention of counsel. Please visit Counsel Reviews for further information.

    For more information about our legal consulting activities:

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