Legal Marketplace Consulting

    Legal/Management Consulting Services

    EOLIS advises law firm management committees, search committees, human resource officers, other corporate senior leadership, and various government agencies on a broad range of issues that arise in the course of talent acquisition, promotion, retirement, and/or termination matters. The Company also offers 360-degree evaluations for law firms, law departments, and government agencies. EOLIS focuses on enhanced productivity, morale, and profitability as applicable.

    Employment Agreements and Separations

    EOLIS provides consulting services to individual lawyers regarding business terms for their employment agreements and separations from employment. EOLIS has had a 100% success record in resolving employment controversies for its clients without litigation throughout its history. EOLIS also assists companies in the development of offers for employment and the business terms for their employment contracts with new employees.


    Expert Witness Reports and Testimony


    • Declarations
    • Depositions
    • Courtroom Appearances
    • Arbitration Proceedings

    A certified coach and an experienced arbitrator, Wendeen Eolis has qualified as an expert in both federal and state courts as well as formal arbitration proceedings. Her expert reports and testimony have related to the customs, practices, and compensation arrangements in the legal profession and the matter of fee disputes between employers and recruiters. She has been qualified as an expert in every case that has tested her credentials. She accepts a limited number of such engagements each year. In recent years, she has been qualified as the designated expert in multiple cases that resulted in her clients' success in seven-figure verdicts.

    She was a leading force behind the modernization of state law related to recruitment and placement of employees for all manner of recruiters in the state of New York. The New York State Senate presented her with a senate citation for her contributions and her expertise is recognized across the country in cases involving placement fee disputes.

    Board Directorship Webinars for Lawyers

    As part of EOLIS's advocacy for lawyers on public company boards, complimentary Webinars are provided throughout the year to assist lawyers assisting directorships. The purpose of these Webinars is to provide senior law firm and corporate law department personnel with a useful discussion of the efforts required and the complexity of the process. Webinars also provide an opportunity for employers - law firms and companies - to consider programs for employees/partners on the cusp of retirement. EOLIS can provide these transition services individually, in cohorts, or similar iterations per the needs of the specific employer.

    Trend Studies - The Marketplace for Lawyers

    On a monthly basis, EOLIS undertakes a trend study in response to questions that have been raised among the consultants in EOLIS's offices as well as topics of inquiry raised by participants in the JD-credentialed marketplace.

    EOLIS trend study reports reflect a three-pronged process we call the PEP Principle: probe, evaluate, and predict knowledgeably.

    Please note: EOLIS does not offer any legal opinions or conclusions regarding its contract negotiation services and recommends that clients retain counsel for the legal review of any contract prior to signing. EOLIS is experienced in selection and retention of counsel. Please visit Counsel Reviews for further information.

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