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    EOLIS Commitment Pledge

    A strong ethical compass

    EOLIS's Commitment Pledge sets forth the Company's Code of Ethical Conduct. It is the foundation on which the Company has built its operations and relationships with EOLIS's clients, candidates, project partners, directors, licensees, affiliated consultants, agents, and representatives.



    EOLIS conducts its business with the highest standards of professionalism and holds itself responsible, not only for meeting applicable legal requirements but also for adopting exemplary practices in attorney search and vetting projects. They include assignments for corporate boards, law firm partnerships, corporate law departments, and C-suites. EOLIS applies these principles, likewise, for attorney career transition services and related legal marketplace consulting activities. We welcome your feedback anytime.


    • EOLIS optimizes legal talent in law firms, other service businesses, and corporate and institutional settings, including a substantial client base of corporate boards of directors and government agencies--domestic and international--with a Commitment Pledge of a strong moral compass and pursuit of excellence.

    • EOLIS sets the example as an equal opportunity employer, presenting legal talent without regard to race, creed, color, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, marital status, gender, handicap, age, or any other legally prescribed criteria and is committed to the language and spirit of all applicable EEO laws and is a leader in diversity and inclusion initiatives.

    EOLIS policies uniformly intend to meet all legal obligations under applicable statutes, regulations, and ordinances.

    Moreover, EOLIS policies do not supersede or replace any of the Company’s contractual obligations as detailed in our mutually signed engagement letters.

    EOLIS supports environmental awareness, social responsibility, and best practices in corporate governance.

    For the avoidance of doubt, the EOLIS Commitment Pledge is limited to the Company's  good faith  and "best efforts" in discharging  the provisions described herein:  


    • The information provided to clients falls within the following parameters: the most complete, accurate, relevant information, in accordance with EOLIS's obligations of confidentiality in the matter.

    • Vettng reports pertaining to individual lawyers and law firms are conducted in keeping with applicable laws including federal and state statutes and local regulations and ordinances.

    • Reference Inquiries and/or related Due Diligence Reports may be conducted by EOLIS on behalf of a client in connection with the consideration of employment, partnership, corporate directorship, etc. Such reports are provided only upon written consent of the individual who is the subject of the report and in conformance with all relevant legal requirements.

    • EOLIS maintains confidential client information/materials, except in the event of a legal proceeding, in which case EOLIS reserves the right to act on the advice of its counsel.

    • In its search and recruiting activities, EOLIS refrains from soliciting any candidate placed with a client, provided the employer has paid all fees due, per EOLIS's applicable engagement letter.

    • EOLIS may identify the names of employer clients served throughout its history, but it does not refer to specific client projects except if otherwise publicly known, or with explicit consent, or in connection with a legal proceeding.


    • EOLIS treats information it receives from individuals that is not otherwise known from other public sources or acquired from other resources, as confidential.

    •EOLIS may refrain from making an introduction/referral to an employer client if it deems any information, provided in confidence by a candidate for placement, as germane to the client's assignment.

    • EOLIS treats as confidential, all information supplied in confidence by a candidate, subject to EOLIS's legal obligations to the employer, as disclosed beforehand and/or in connection with a legal proceeding.

    • Information provided to individual placement candidates and clients shall be the most accurate and up-to-date relevant facts known to EOLIS.

    • EOLIS shall not withhold employer information known to EOLIS that an individual client would reasonably consider essential to the consideration of a transaction with the employer.

    • EOLIS provides attorney career transition and board preparation services for individual attorneys and invoices such individuals pursuant to their confirmation of services to be performed on their behalf.

    • Insofar as EOLIS's introduction of a lawyer to an employer is made as a "contingency-based "referral" in accordance with applicable New York State laws, EOLIS shall earn its placement fee or equivalent in the event the lawyer is hired by the employer

    • EOLIS informs candidates, promptly upon learning the results of its presentations to clients.

    • EOLIS shall advocate for a client employer and/or an individual lawyer based on EOLIS's professional opinion of a suitable match, but shall not attempt to exert undue or coercive influence to benefit EOLIS.


    • EOLIS's affiliated consultants are responsible for conducting their relationships with EOLIS and EOLIS clients and colleagues,  professionally and ethically, consistent with the EOLIS  Commitment Pledge.

    • Affiliates shall identify themselves as part of the EOLIS Leadership Team, except if specified otherwise in a written agreement between the parties, in connection with a particular assignment.