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    French Consulate Beckons but- No Wine for Wendeen

    eolis staff

    For her first post-accident outing, Wendeen chose a wine and cheese tasting at the French Consulate, just a block from her city home. Hosted by a colleague of the  International Women’s Forum,  it was truly a feast of summer wines and cheese.

    Although wine was strictly verboten for Wendeen–no desire to tire quickly– the education about the  summer offerings and the cheeses that surrounded them was thoroughly joyful. So, too, were the incredible group of women who have supported  Wendeen with calls, messages, and visits for the past eight weeks.

    Wendeen says, “Merci beaucoup,” to the fabulous women in  the New York chapter of IWF  who instantly stepped up to the plate with help and friendship from the moment of her injury. These incredible  ladies notably include Roxanne Mankin Cason, a good friend as well as a client, who found her in the street awaiting an ambulance. Roxanne accompanied  Wendeen to the hospital and notified her home and good friends in the NY Women’s Forum of the accident.

    The challenge of unexpected fate is mitigated significantly by the solace of a great group of friends. The mission of WFNY  is to provide a community “where preeminent women leaders of diverse achievement come together to make a difference for each other”…

    In addition to the friendship and compassion that members of this sisterhood can expect from colleagues,  the organization advances women’s leadership through multiple initiatives; an Education Fund to provide scholarship awards to women with potential, board initiatives to encourage participation of more women on corporate and civic boards, and  unique programming made possible by the organization’s high achieving membership.

    Here’s to the Women’s Forum!


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