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    Wendeen's mix of expertise and experience has attracted broadcast, print, and digital media in profiles by the likes of The New York Times which credited her with the "ties that bind the legal fraternity" and by legal trade journals, that cite her as an expert in the attorney search and legal consulting industry. She also has been featured in political documentaries, including the film, Rudy, America's Mayor for BBC and Rudy! The Documusical, at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival.

    The New York Daily News profiled Wendeen following her motivational seminar on negotiation for the New York Women's Forum, and an A&E Biography Special highlighted Wendeen's success in business, politics, and poker. She has also been a guest commentator, news anchor, and televised expert on attorney compensation for Tru TV/Court TV. Her first television commentating experience was with ESPN during its coverage of the World Series of Poker.

    On the light side, Elizabeth Gilbert of Eat Pray Love fame traveled with Wendeen as her poker guru and wrote about their adventures for GQ Magazine and the National Enquirer mercifully praised poker skills in a man's game.

    And finally, Wikipedia includes Wendeen's profile, taking particular note that she was the founder of the National Association of Legal Search Consultants a civilian commander of a post-9/11 task force, and earned the moniker of Grand Dame of Poker at the WSOP in 2006.

    Wendeen says, "bluffing is an overrated strategy in business, politics, and poker rooms, and women win more by bluffing less than men."

    Wendeen's multi-faceted career combines negotiations in business, politics, and poker rooms, too. The mix of her accomplishments has attracted considerable broadcast, print, and digital media attention through the years by the likes of The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, The American Lawyer, and New York Law Journal, and in Sir Harold Evans' TV special for BBC "Rudy: Mayor of America. 

    The New York Daily News, GQ Magazine, Court TV (True TV), and A&E Biography (hosted by news anchor Harry Smith), shed more light on the unique tapestry of Wendeen's  Renaissance life.!

    Most recently, Wendeen is featured in a political documentary, Rudy! The Documusical (world premiere, June 9, 2022). She is also listed in Who's Who in America (current), as an independent selection of the company. 

    Note: Neither EOLIS nor Wendeen Eolis ever pay or advertise for media recognition or awards.