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    Journalists Scramble to Understand Giuliani


    Shortly after Rudy Giuliani was appointed to President’s Trump personal legal team, journalists from all over the country began to analyze his selection by the President and Rudy’s decision to come on board.

    EOLIS was one of the hundreds, or more likely thousands of calls, on their list. While I have pondered these issues as well as many of Rudy’s comments since joining the team, I elected to participate in just one interview and very limited comments for The Washington Post (‘Nowhere near close’: The bond between Trump and Giuliani is less than it appears). For more than 15 years, I was a confidante, career advisor, and a consultant who served as a special advisor on City Hall operations during Rudy’s first year in office as the Mayor of NYC. Above all, he was a friend who paved the way for important new relationships that have significantly impacted my biography far more than I could have ever impacted his life.

    Our paths took different directions once I had accepted a role as First Assistant to Governor Pataki (after I failed as a go-between in an effort to unite them).

    My recent comments made in The Washington Post were based mostly on solid recollections from more than 20 years ago. But, I believe his recent (albeit delayed) decision to join the team could have been predicted. Whatever observations others have made, I can assure you Rudy prizes loyalty fiercely, and you can count on him to show that trait during his representation of the President.