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    Wendeen Is Awed in Steinbrenner’s Suite

    eolis staff

    Until her recent visit with Hal Steinbrenner in the owners’ suite, she knew just a tad about baseball from Rudy Giuliani, Randy Levine, and Alex Rodriguez.

    But last week, her knowledge base of all things baseball skyrocketed.
    Wendeen supported a unique Citymeals-on-Wheels event that included not only the best box seats, but plenty of tutoring on Yankees history in the owner’s suite.

    Escorted into the inner sanctum of the Yankees’ homeland by Ross, a wonderful new young friend substituting for her son, they chatted amiably with Hal Steinbrenner at the grand buffet that included tall drinks on the house. The bartender, a 12-year veteran turned out to be an old friend from her days at City Hall.

    The visit got better when Yankees President Randy Levine arrived to provide a bear hug and a reminder to call him — after the playoffs. Then his wife Mindy showed up and wowed the gathering crowd  with stories of Randy and Wendeen’s days and nights in City Hall dramas during the early years of Rudy’s reign.

    A special night to remember with Ross, whose eyes lit up so brightly as he checked out every piece of memorabilia and explained its significance.


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