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    Wendeen and Al Gore meet again!

    eolis staff

    Wendeen and Al Gore meet up again in a different environment, before his presentation at New York’s most renowned and extraordinarily beautiful synagogue, Temple Emanuel. Last time around, Wendeen met with the former Vice President, shortly after he was defeated in the 2000 presidential campaign, while engaged in an attorney vetting assignment for the Florida recount.

    Mr. Gore’s commitment to the environment over the ensuing years has been a major focal point not only for him following public service, but for a world that cannot escape the problems of pollution. On this evening Wendeen was at the presentation, eager to hear from someone who is certain that global warming is neither a myth nor a Chinese hoax, but rather an urgent issue for our coming grandchildren.

    The former Vice President did not disappoint in his passion and determination, notwithstanding a drastic change in the political picture under a new president. And he did not get sidetracked either; there were no questions and no answers from Mr. Gore on President Donald J. Trump’s performance, shortly after the new president’s executive order-based- travel ban raised the ire of the Courts.


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