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    Unlikely Trio at CPAC

    eolis staff

    At a Washington dinner Wendeen Eolis and MSNBC news anchor Mika Brezinski were curious guests of at a CPAC meeting; both had been invited by the sponsors; they chatted at their ringside table before the Latino band came out to play. Morning Joe Scarborough graced the ladies with his presence, coming down from his perch as the MC ready to watch conservatives show the world they can loosen up.

    The unlikely trio mugged for the camera before the band got down to some serious salsa. Wendeen’s dinner partner, Niger Innis took Mika for a turn on the dance floor, while Wendeen moved to the beat of salsa on 1 with a member of the Board of the NRA. Joe took it all in with a slightly smiling face, before returning to the podium.


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