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    Gaming lawyers with regulatory experience are in unprecedented demand in the Middle Atlantic States with New York, New Jersey Pennsylvania Delaware and West Virginia scrambling  to bring about legislation to legalize online poker and more gambling fare.

    The black sheep of online gambling  companies are the off-shore enterprises that operated after enactment of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 which prohibited online bets in America.  Is there a morality play underway or just economic warfare?  “A bit of both,” says Wendeen Eolis about the  the ongoing  ruckus in New Jersey that has pitted the American Gaming Association against PokerStars.

    In an article titled “American Gaming Association v PokerStars; PokerStars Strikes Back–Especially at Caesars,” Ms. Eolis sums up the questions and listens to lawyers opine on the AGA’s bid to participate in  the PokerStars  New Jersey casino license hearing.  See the full article online.


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