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    While the public hears, daily, from media and political pundits about the new President’s contingent of advisors in the West Wing– the name Don McGahn, Chief White House Counsel has yet to evoke a serious riffle.  But it is McGahn, who is likely to be in the center of any firestorm over conflict of interest issues effectively hoisted against  President Trump. Mr. McGahn has quietly charted the course of sticky legal wickets that have confronted the president since the inception of his campaign. He landed perfectly in the fray over efforts to keep Mr. Trump from getting on the ballot in the 2016 New Hampshire primary, back in the days of January 2016. Indeed, at that moment  he opted for a policy of discrete determination rather than a bombastic show, as any self-respecting Jones Day lawyer might be expected to do.

    President Donald Trump and Attorney Donald McGahn, connected only from afar until a year ago, at this point look like two peas in a pod on a mission. Mr. McGahn may prove to be the President’s most important and most impactful relationship in the West Wing of the White House. Stay tuned for a further report.