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    A dramatically changing dynamic has surfaced in the recruitment and selection of C-Suite executives and corporate board candidates, from the legal profession, according to EOLIS’ January trend study. Public profile and social media presence matters more than ever before for lawyers who aspire to participate in the most senior and sophisticated in the business world.

    More than 90% of the 200 respondents–corporate board members on nominating and vetting committees — said they use Wikipedia as a reference material in their process  to identify attorney prospects and candidates to fill potential board seats and more than 75% expressed a decided preference for candidates with publicly documented careers, citing a suitably footnoted Wikipedia listing as “highly desirable.”

    While EOLIS’ findings are intended only to provide indicators and do not reflect formal market research, we believe the information obtained from this study leads toward an inevitable conclusion: Wikipedia is being treated as an increasingly  credible resource, and it  presents new opportunities for law firms and lawyers that qualify for listing references. The development of a viable Wikipedia submission is dependent on the availability of publicly verifiable information pertaining to subject matter presented.

    For further information regarding EOLIS’ January 2017 Trend Study: “Evaluating the Relevance of Wikipedia to the Legal Profession,” please email eolis@eolis.comor call E. Mead  at 212.472.4000

    Note: EOLIS assists career management candidates in the development, of LinkedIn profiles and Wikipedia submissions as well as providing advice on public profiles and online self  assessment and review of their public profiles,and self protective online reputation management.


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