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    The candidate, the candidate’s spouse, colleagues and recruiters generally agree that in this competitive market one needs the right elevator pitch with an appropriate underpinning — “a do everything resume”–to get ahead. But, being all things to all people is just plain impossible.

    This leaves the job-searching lawyer with the unique conundrum of meeting the highest standard of integrity as required by his admission to the bar, balanced by the most creative thinking worthy of accolades by pre-eminent public relations houses.

    The inclusion of four critical documents in the job search candidate’s  toolbox pave the way: (1) a factual (if boring) recitation of basic information  sought by every human resources executive on the planet, (2) a concisely presented work matter addendum that sets forth precisely, accurately, and inclusively the critical information a  decision maker wants to see, (3) a talking point memo for friends and recruiters to use in recommending you, and (4), a journal for interview preparation that reminds you of the major decisions made in your career and the reasons for them.

    The “decisions” document is your personal primer for answering all of the hard questions that will come your way.


    EOLIS staff includes collaborative efforts by EOLIS affiliated consultants. Their backgrounds include business, law, politics, and government.