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    NYC Insider Wayne Barrett with Wendeen

    eolis staff

    Gotham’s preeminent political reporter Wayne Barrett leaves no stones unturned in covering New York City’s rich, famous, and powerful players, except when dining on porterhouse with a friend.

    The legendary master in “digging deeper”, Wayne reminisces with Wendeen on his pursuit of inside information, dating back to her days in the august corridors of power within New York’s City Hall and onward in the Executive Chamber.

    When Wayne is not working on the big story or participating in a televised round table, he pauses for dinner but never from his search for nuggets.  Today, he probes of all in his path on the never ending possibilities of Giuliani’s and Pataki’s future prospects.  Wendeen still listens and smiles.

    Most know Wayne as a fearless muckraker; Wendeen knows him better as a gentle soul with lots of heart.


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