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    At Home with Israel Ambassador Aharoni

    eolis staff

    Wendeen  recalls visit  with Israel’s Consul General, Ido Aharoni at his New York residence. It was an intimate gathering of members of the International Women’s Forum (WFNY), in advance of this year’s IWF cornerstone conference in Tel Aviv.

    Ambassador Aharoni and Wendeen chatted about their mutual community of interest and the solid  ties between Israel and New York. Mr. Ahoroni has been in the forefront of Israeli diplomatic initiatives since 1991 with a strong emphasis in New York.  Wendeen has been supportive of Israeli-American friendship and business connections and was a government representative at the funeral of Yitzahk Rabinin). Eolis International Group serves clients in Israel through our affiliated consultants in Tel Aviv, Haifa, and Jerusalem and hosts Israeli law students for our summer internship programs and. We look forward to finding more of the best and the brightest during this year’s visit to the Promised Land.


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