eolis staff

    Last April 15th, the US Department of Justice brought down the house of cards built by the three leading Internet-based poker companies serving United States customers. Suddenly, online poker operators were in a frenzy, bemoaning prior legal opinions that left them ill-prepared for the DOJ’s hammer that ended online poker bets in America summarily.

    The indicted founders and some of their closest associates were knee-deep in legal troubles, resulting in hundreds of lawyers getting in on the action in all aspects of their businesses and personal lives.

    As of the end of August, EOLIS has received reports from lawyers and law firms that indicate more than 40 million dollars in legal fees billed worldwide in connection with these matters. The numbers stand to rise exponentially, as the wheels churn ever so slowly through the system of justice.

    Writing for the preeminent gaming newspaper, Wendeen Eolis said, “The ability to understand applicable laws that affect your business and the risks associated in interpreting them differently from the government can be critical to determining potential legal costs you may face.” In these cases, it is only lawyers who are winning.


    EOLIS staff includes collaborative efforts by EOLIS affiliated consultants. Their backgrounds include business, law, politics, and government.