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    Due Diligence Reports

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    Due Diligence Reports

    Eolis International Group has more than four decades of experience in the performance of due diligence reports concerning lawyers and law firms (see executive consulting services section for executive due diligence matters); reviewing credentials, expertise and experience.  Due diligence reports are performed for  law firms regarding potential partners and for clients of legal services who seek special and additional counsel and for corporations and top level executive search firms.

     Validation is key

    Key Reference Issues

    • Nature of Relationship
    • Assessment of Competency
    • Opinion of Interpersonal Skills
    • Knowledge of Personal Character

    Specialized Due Diligence for Law Firms

    Our due diligence team uses a checklist of materials including a firm's official documents in evaluating the merger or acquisition potential of candidates, and for beauty contest preparation and independent evaluation by companies and government agencies considering law firm options.  Generally, we obtain the materials included on the checklist for a three-year period.

    Examination of  the Big Picture and Minute Details

    Effective lateral acquisitions and outside counsel selections require organized management and a clear understanding of the difference between hard information and subjective reports. EOLIS consultants work with clients to insure careful consideration is given to the weight of the various data brought to the table, with a focus on the reliability of the sources  for the data under consideration.



    Employ the PEP Principle--Probe , Evaluate, Punt!
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    Listen and process what you hear
    Qualify sources of information
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