Wendeen H. Eolis, CEO (CV)

Wendeen H. Eolis is the Founder and Chairman of EOLIS which includes  Eolis International Group ("EOLIS--EIG"), her attorney search/ legal consulting flagship, and Wendeen Eolis Enterpises (EOLIS-WE), a  management/executive consultancy,which also hosts Eolis Institute for Leadership. Wendeen founded the first executive search firm for attorneys; she stands as the inventor of the legal search industry and as a pioneer and innovator in related legal consulting services; attorney career management and outside counsel reviews.   She also is the  founder of the legal search industry's professional association, National Association of Legal Search Consultants. Wendeen has been recognized by media, nationally and internationally as a pre-eminent leader and innovator in the optimization of human capital and for career coaching in the legal profession and beyond the Bar--in business, the C-Suite and government.  She is retained as an expert on the legal marketplace and attorney compensation in State and Federal Courts.



Public Servant -Snapshot

Wendeen also serves as Chief Operating Officer in command of Hope's Champion Task Force (HCTF), a post 9/11 legal affairs crisis counseling and counsel vetting initiative that was established in 2002. Her leadership role in HCTF followed earlier service as a key advisor to Mayor Rudy Giuliani and 1st Assistant to New York Governor George Pataki, respectively--each during his first administration. Wendeen has advised senior government officials in four presidential administrations, on both sides of the aisle. As civilian commander of HCTF, she applies decades of corporate experience in counsel vetting and crisis management, to public service.


Wendeen's influence in human resources consulting services is multidimensional. A pioneer, with a singular niche in attorney due diligence reports and counsel vetting services since 1967, she founded the first executive search firm exclusively for lawyers in 1969. She then  made her mark as the first woman and youngest president of the statewide trade association for executive recruiters and earned its Lifetime Service Award at age 30. She went on to become the founder/first president of the National Association of Legal Search Consultants; she provided the template and oversaw completion and ratification of the Industry's Code of Ethics and hosted its first annual educational conference during her presidency. Wendeen's business model for optimization of human capital is leadership based on a continuous flow of productive innovations that produce near term measurable value and long term staying power.

In 2015, EOLIS was recognized by corporatelivewire.com for most innovative legal consultancy and in 2016, Wendeen was honored as CEO of the year in Corporate Vision Magazine. A leader in attorney career transition services (ACTS) since the 70's, Wendeen is taking personal responsibility for the rollout of unique social media services including: Attorney Public Profile Assessments and Self-Protective Online Reputation Management Strategies. She takes a deep dive into Linked In and Wikipedia listings, the new quintessential tools in vetting procedures for C-Suite and corporate board candidates.

 Additional Career Steps 

Wendeen is also the the  force behind EOLIS Institute for Leadership, which teaches advanced negotiation/decision strategies, A writer and motivational speaker on verbal and behavioral people reading skills, Wendeen knows from whence she speaks. She  brings to the table 50 years of interviewing expertise and decades of advice and debate in corridors of political power and halls of government. Her connections  with government officials and agencies led to significant specialization in highly regulated industries  most notably in the gaming space, where she has served scores of Boards of Directors and C-Suites. And she has made a name for herself as a power poker player, too--in business, politics and card rooms. Wendeen was the first woman to cash in the main event of the World Series of Poker and counts a total of 10 record setting performances for a woman in major poker competitions around the world. A memoir of lessons learned in power poker negotiations--often far beyond the felt--is in the works.


Academic Background

Wendeen is an honors graduate of New York University College of Arts and Sciences (1967), a recipient of the Chester H. Lane prize in argumentation and debate with major studies in philosophy and psychology. A scholarship, two jobs, and three children in tow, were mighty motivation to  gain her  B.A.degree.  Weeks later, Wendeen found her calling. She stuck with her two jobs, dropped graduate studies and began to build an attorney "vetting" business--in her basement. Next, she pitched a home-run  when she opened the first search firm exclusively for practicing  lawyers; she is the parent of three college graduates.

She is a certified executive consultant and a certified professional coach (NY,1974). She is  qualified as an expert witness in state and federal courts,  an experienced arbitrator.  Additionally, she has published article in major legal journals including the American Lawyer and New York Law Journal and has contributed legal affairs articles to various gaming publications.  She is a veteran lecturer at Bar Associations and law schools, and she is a motivational speaker and seminar /workshop leader on negotiation and decision strategies for corporate events and the New York Learning Annex.  

Perpetuation of a Renaissance Life

If Wendeen were a male, she would be called a Renaissance man. As a woman with a multi-dimensional career and a wide range of additional activities and interests, Wendeen revels as a striver in a never-ending pursuit of excellence while perpetuating a Renaissance life.


Wendeen's zest for life, has found many outlets beyond professional endeavors in with a special focus on advocacy and humanitarian affairs.  She has served as a board member and as a special advisor to numerous non-profit organizations and educational institutions and is a fan of  programs that give help to those less fortunate--especially among people we know.  

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