Wendeen's World

Wendeen H. Eolis perpetuates a Renaissance life, in an eclectic world of pursuits, most notably her role as CEO of EOLIS. She is at home in business, the legal profession, politics and government, and other power poker venues around the globe. . She also gets her adrenalin going on the lecture circuit and in writing gigs that demand digging deeper to teach and entertain her audiences artful  negotiation techniques.  Over the years she has made The Regency for breakfast and the Four Seasons, for lunch--quintessential stomping grounds for making excellent connections. But, it is at her dinner parties at home, where she is involved in every step of the proceedings her networking skills prove most valuable, to her and her guests.   

Wendeen H Eolis, CEO  WHE makes excellent connections: Four Seasons "Secret Party"

News Anchor Harry Smith explores Wendeen's world

Wendeen's World

Chair, EOLIS; a group of legal/executive consulting businesses specializing in optimization of human capital in the legal profession, C-Suite and Government.   

Inventor of the legal search industry; leader in senior level searches; innovator  in attorney career management; and a pioneer in outside counsel reviews. 

Experienced interviewer and deal maker with unique strategies for decision making based in principles of poker.

COO/Commander (civilian) Hope's Champion Task Force with prior experience as senior advisor NYC City Hall and NYS Governor's Office. 

Press coverage includes The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Chicago Tribune  BBC News, ABC News, Court TV, GQ, and A&E Biography Close Up.  

Legal Consultant and Business Advisor in  Gaming Space with insider perspective as blackjack expert and the WSOP's  "Grand Dame of Poker."   

First woman to cash in the Main event of the World Series of Poker; 10 record-setting performances for a woman in major poker competitions-worldwide.

Teaches and entertains sophisticated audiences on advanced negotiation and decision audiences in business , politics,and  card rooms.

Contributor to leading legal journals  and poker publications; work in progress: Raising the Stakes in Business, Politics, Poker amd Beyond    

 Wendeen Wins Trophy WHE (center), "Ambassador" American Heart Assoc.

A World of Extra Joy

  • classical pianist at Liszt House-Hungary
  • table tennis champion in Copenhagen 
  • world class poker tournament competitor 
  • innovative cook; practice in Lyon
  • Cuban salsa and Argentine tango dancer
  • Gaming writer in Europe, Asia and America   
  • Well traveled great grandmother
  • Charity and humanitarian affairs   

Wendeen's zest for life, has found many outlets beyond professional endeavors. Her passion for poker includes playing for charity and she donates her "people reading speaking" fees to not for profit organizations that support children and educational opportunities. focus  She has served as a board member and as a special advisor to numerous non-profit organizations and educational institutions and is a fan of programs that give help to those less fortunate--especially including people we know, personally. .

If Wendeen were a male, she would be called a Renaissance man. As a woman with a multi-dimensional career and a wide range of additional activities and interests, Wendeen revels as a striver in a never-ending pursuit of excellence while perpetuating a Renaissance life.