Searches - Full Retainers

Retainer-based attorney searches guarantee clients the necessary allocation of time and effort to identify and court super stars of the legal profession. 

We zero in on details

Attorney Searches

  • Partners
  • Partner Groups
  • Law Department Managers
  • Senior Legal/Business Personnel
  • C-suite Executives (J.D.. degrees)
  • Corporate Board Members


  • Initial client conferences; client profile data, search specifications
  • Targeted candidate recruitment; research, development, identification of  prospects
  • Candidate development;  in-person interviews with EOLIS 
  • Client introductions; EOLIS briefings and introductions of candidates
  • Vetting activities; collaborative review of candidatee documents with client 
  • LPQ and business plan reviews
  • Authorized due diligence inquiries
  • Negotiations and offer discussions 


For further information regarding search services and fee arrangements, employers may contact EOLIS at or call 212-472-4000.