Wendeen H. Eolis, a certified executive consultant and a certified professional coach, oversees the specialty of negotiation strategies.

Eolis International Group (EIG) advises law firms and individual lawyers on client origination techniques and marketing strategies, recognizing that revenue production and profitability are the lifeblood of a firm and key to a lawyer's compensation.

Elevate and Protect Your Business

EOLIS consultants emphasize people reading expertise and sophisticated networking tools to optimize rainmaking opportunities and ensure effectiveness on the playing field.

Clients admire intellect and pragmatism

Stepping Up

  • Invoke the PEP Principle
  • Think before you blink with joy
  • Face challenges coolly
  • Shift gears; go with the flow
  • Play to your strengths
  • Validate others' contributions
  • Manage media opportunities
  • Burnish your image
  • Disarm with unexpected candor
  • Build relationships; business follows


EOLIS coaches partner groups and individual lawyers in the competitive environment of beauty contests, with detailed attention on crossing each bridge from the introductory pitch to the execution of a retention agreement.



  • Initial consultations
  • Development of marketing plan
  • Working the room (from country club to ballroom)
  • Communication with decision makers
  • Beauty contest preparation
  • Nailing the representation
  • Client satisfaction studies

EOLIS brings to the party, more than four decades of specialized experience counseling the legal profession and clients of legal services. Inherent in this experience, is the development of negotiation expertise which is the underpinning for customized advice to lawyers seeking to expand their business base, C-Suite options and possibilities of corporate directorships.

Wendeen Eolis Enterprises and EOLIS Institute provide in-depth services to extend negotiating capabilities.

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