Face Time with Wendeen

  • Lyle Berman and Wendeen met 25 years ago at the main event at the World Series of Poker. A thriving businessman, Lyle was also a champion poker player long before Wendeen became the first woman to cash in the WSOP final event.

    Lyle and Wendeen have remained friends over the years, with their paths linked by their respective adventures in the gaming business and at the poker tables.  Lyle went on to found Lakes Gaming and the World Poker Tour.  Wendeen counts 35 casino clients on her legal consulting company’s roster,... Read More

  • Rita Cosby beamed with pride as she talked with Wendeen about the joys of a loving reconnection with her father. Wendeen responded knowingly from her own experience with her mother after decades of a lost relationship. The articulate newscaster known for big gets, took her touching story public. Wendeen continues to soul-search more privately. 

  • Gotham's preeminent political reporter Wayne Barrett leaves no stones unturned in covering New York City's rich, famous, and powerful players, except when dining on porterhouse with a friend.

    The legendary master in "digging deeper", Wayne reminisces with Wendeen on his pursuit of inside information, dating back to her days in the august corridors of power within New York's City Hall and onward in the Executive Chamber.

    When Wayne is not working on the big story or participating in a... Read More

  • At a private reception in her chambers, Chief Judge Loretta Preska (S.D.N.Y.) hosted fellow members of the New York branch of the International Women's Forum.  Having arrived with a suitcase at her door, the uniquely touching Loretta later sent me off to my flight for Madrid with a doggie bag in hand.

    All be it a short visit, Loretta's words of wisdom and genuine embrace of her new "sorority", reminded me of why women committed to leadership in their fields are so at home in this group.  As Alair Townsend, the former... Read More

  • On a cloudless night before 9/11 changed the world, America's Mayor chatted up Republican bigwigs and New York friends on a boatride that highlighted the view of the Twin Towers.  Tonight, he reflected on the bittersweet justice that has finally been done. 

  • The friendship of Rifka, Roberta, and Wendeen spans a half century from the days they were immersed in drama, dance, and music lessons, respectively.

    The common denominator of the arts was complemented by academic ambitiousness and a deep interest in the world of counseling.

    Rifka's compassion in sharing life lessons and Roberta's analytical skills in theraputic counseling reflect the best in the business. Their friendship is even better. 


  • Prince Albert was the consummate host at his private reception during the Monaco iGaming Conference of 2010.  A pet project of the prince, the conference attracted attention in the worldwide gaming community.

    As moderator of a panel on igaming-"Future Winners in America", I predicted that major Nevada casinos would most likely be the primary beneficiaries, but that no palpable progress would be made until 2011.

    The prediction was correct, but the reality of 2011 progress comes with... Read More

  • Chatting up former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich at a small Washington reception, I realized quickly that he and I share one common denominator—the commitment to exceptionalism.

    Always the consummate politician, when it comes to morals and family values he segways seamlessly from one side of the equation to the other. But I’m not here to judge the Senator, but rather, to learn from him. We came to quick agreement on one key issue: if we want to get back to being a country of American exceptionalism, through the right policies and... Read More

  • Millie Hallow is special assistant to the National Rifle Association, but she has a lot more ammunition than mere rifles at her disposal!  A key player in the most powerful lobbying organization in America, Ms. Millie brings a rare blend of smarts and guts to her role.

    She also brings over the-top-dedication to the yearly C-PAC Conference, the biggest gathering of conservatives in America.  The NRA is a major sponsor.  To be sure, everybody who is anybody knows her or of her.

    My friend Millie invites... Read More

  • Long before Hillary Rodham Clinton proved to be the consummate team player as our Secretary of State, she had proved her mettle in my eyes as the loyalist we all want in our lives—fully focused on big picture objectives. 

    At a Renaissance Weekend in South Carolina, the 25th anniversary of this intellectual retreat, I had my first encounter with her.

    At this private and protected enclave, leaders from a multitude of industries and disciplines let their hair down, sharing information as well as their dreams and hopes.  She was... Read More