Face Time with Wendeen

  • At CPAC dinner Wendeen and Mika Brezinski of MSNBC are both unlikely guests of the sponsors; they chatted at their ringside table before the Latino band came out to play. Morning Joe Scarborough graced the ladies with his presence, coming down from his perch as the MC ready to to watch conservatives show the world they can loosen up.

    The unlikely trio mugged for the camera before the band got down to some serious salsa. Wendeen's dinner partner, Niger Innis took Mika for a turn on the dance floor, while Wendeen moved to... Read More

  • Chef Daniel Boulud greets Wendeen and her distinguished guests, Gerald Tanenbaum, Cathy Hong, Eugene Katchalov, and Bertrand Grospellier at New York's quintessential French restaurant.

    The evening began at Wendeen''s digs with Perrier-Jouet champagne — fine bubbles — to bring in 2012.

    Teaming up with Gerald — one of Cahill Gordon's "big deal" lawyers — for the repast, Wendeen led the group to her favorite restaurant for a spectacular celebration with special friends... Read More

  • In the intimate Cafe Carlyle saloon Wendeen and Bryan Bilgore — an expert on audio systems — take in neighbor Woody Allen Monday night jazz fest.

    They rewarded themselves with a fabulous musical evening to match the brilliant new sound system Bryan has just installed at the EOLIS home office.

    Bryan has changed the sound of music around here with easy-to-use wireless integration of magnificently balanced audio. From symphonies to songbooks, Sensorium's Bryan Bilgore is the man of the hour!

  • At a luncheon held at the Hilton, Wendeen is the keynote speaker moving from one roundtable to another, coaching lawyers on the cusp of partnership regarding four key strategies to make the cut.

    Wendeen says, "On home, in business, and on the road, negotiations revolve around how much do you love me and who is boss."  Well channeled competitive juices lead to finely tuned negotiating skills at home, in the workplace, and on the road, taking lessons she brought from her experience as an interviewer to the... Read More

  • Until her recent visit with Hal Steinbrenner in the owners' suite, she knew just a tad about baseball from Rudy Giuliani, Randy Levine, and Alex Rodriguez.

    But last week, her knowledge base of all things baseball skyrocketed.

    Wendeen supported a unique Citymeals-on-Wheels event that... Read More

  • An evening at the opera and a night on the town with Thomas and Marina Kremser were among the highlights of Wendeen's visit to Vienna last week.

    Thomas picked for Wendeen a California-styled menu in a traditional Viennese restaurant with Strauss music playing in the background, as they discussed the Kremsers' new and exciting business plans.

    Our globe-trotting CEO covered 10,000 miles in 5 days from New York to North Africa, with a pit stop in Vienna at midpoint for a speaking engagement at... Read More

  • Eda Sokmen is the quintessential guide who transports Wendeen from immersion in an evacuation planning mission based in Cyprus to the relaxing world of the Bosphorus and the energy of Istanbul.

  • Leading together, Mike and Wendeen set in motion the 1974 legislative effort in the State of New York to overhaul the statute that applies to "headhunters."

    Marching into the offices of Assemblymen and Senators, Wendeen used Mike's talking points to persuade them, one by one, to give up the 1904 law that prohibited recruiting by "employment agents."

    In 1975, Mike and Wendeen celebrated at the largest state convention of "headhunters" the triumph of our current modernized... Read More

  • 40 years ago on this date, Kenny Usui sat across from me at a blackjack table in London.  He was taking a respite from his duties as Vice President of the Pacific Stock Exchange.  I was taking a break from my nascent legal recruiting business.  Kenny was a client I never met with a secret passion for counting cards.

    As my client, I knew Kenny to be a tough customer, insistent upon hearing the most minute details of candidates' legal experience.  But here, suddenly, he was all smiles.  Unbeknownst to me, he was chuckling over my... Read More

  • Celebrations with President Nelson Mandela are filled with food for the soul.  In their first meeting, Wendeen joined members of City Hall in welcoming President Mandela to the Gracie Mansion lawn.  They followed up with a chat in the Mayor's Library.

    Five years later, in South Africa, the mighty Mandela showed humility, friendship, and love of country to Wendeen.  Now she recalls her one day education at the side of Mr. Mandela, learning the true blessings of freedom from a man who has truly appreciated its meaning.