Face Time with Wendeen

  • Wendeen was there with her step dad at the late Lew Rudin's  Florida "Shangri-la,  listening to two great story tellers--Lew, the legendary NY real estate mogul  and Wendeen's Dad, a senior  pol in Albany for thirty years. Lew's family preserved Lew's stories and celebrated them in... Read More

  • Wendeen listened to the tribute to Nelson Mandela at his memorial  service in Soweto with first-hand knowledge of the joy, strength, and pride the South African liberator brought not only to his people, but to all who he befriended.

    Wendeen was privileged to cross paths with him twice. On the first occasion at Gracie Mansion in 1994, she was totally awed by his presence, his handshake and his... Read More

  • Larry Lindsey hosts Wendeen at his beautiful ocean side home in Virginia Beach, where they splice together their respective activities in business, politics, and poker.

    Larry, the erudite economist and Wendeen, the experienced legal consultant covered the waterfront of current events before breakfast on the glorious beach.

  • Shortly before the summer recess, Wendeen and Joe discussed his latest federal legislative bill in support of online gaming.

    She thanks him for the generosity of his time and commentates on his legislative strategy to bring about legalization of online gaming. Her smile in the photo reflects her satisfaction on getting the scoop as to where the president stands on the issue.

  • At the annual World Series of Poker the business of the industry is as much the talk of the town as the daily WSOP events themselves.

    It is the meeting ground of everyone who is anyone in the poker world. That notably includes Rich Muny, Vice President of Player Relations for The Poker Players Alliance. Here at the Rio in the quiet corridor before the crowds arrive, Wendeen... Read More

  • Famous 5th avenue resident hawk flew from his home base to Wendeen's terrace. The hawk politely eyeballed the sunset supper whipped up for friends.

    Iphone cameras rolled with Andy, Joe, and Sandy bringing the spectacle into focus. Sandy got  perfect pic  during... Read More

  • Wendeen and Sara rub shoulders amiably as they chat about the beauty of Alaska.

    In 2008 Wendeen predicted, publicly, that picking Sarah Palin as the VP candidate could be “suicide,” for the Republicans.... In 2013,  Wendeen attended  a  private reception that featured Sara. 

    After listening to the... Read More

  • In an unexpected family visit, Wendeen's granddaughter presents the latest arrival, Deborah Dielle , who weighed  in at 4 pounds, 12 ounces,  a remarkable joy.

    Mom, Grandma, and Great Grandma take turns introducing her all around. Wendeen insists on ruling the roost with a private tete-a-tete with the family's latest addition.

  • Sharon is the Big Sis and Rock of Gibraltar for all emergencies. Wendeen is the Little Sis with a head for business and tough negotiations.

    So here they are, at their favorite diner talking about the craziness of the medical profession and the bigger craziness of moving out of an apartment after 48 years. Between them they settle both issues, Sharon completes another apartment deal that others would salivate to get, and Wen finds new doctors with a better bedside manner. Two independent women, with different life styles, politics... Read More

  • For more than 10 years Marcel Luske and I have met often as clients, as friends with a shared passion for fair play, out paths crossing in business, exotic travel and poker room combat.

    Marcel, the entertainer, the story teller and the advocate is now holding court in the Bahamas, as I leave to return to the grindstone of recruiting big ticket Latin American law firm partners closer to home.