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A lawyer's negotiating skills are almost invariably on display; and beyond expertise it is largely one's negotiating personality (combined with a bit of good luck) that determines the outcome on a deal or a case, the acquisition of a new client and effective nurturing of  team members. Luck resides at the intersection of preparation and opportunity. The critical prep work is entirely under your control!. It lies in the  pursuit of negotiating excellence. 

We begin with self-evaluation. We continue with analysis of interviewing and listening skills.  We stretch  the power of observation. And we  cross the finish line with validated information. Our certified professional coaches  are collaborators- in your quest to enhance your people reading skills and negotiations as practitioners, managers, and team players.  .     

Leadership Institute

  • One on One Consults
  • Interactive Seminars
  • Master Classes
  • Special Lectures
  • Outside Events  

12-Point People Reading System

  • Define Your Negotiating Style
  • Obey Your Listening Laws
  • Invoke the PEP Principle
  • Pinpoint Your Targets
  • Work Your Muscles
  • Maximize Your Strengths
  • Discover The Big Picture
  • Adjust Your Focus
  • Shake Up The Dynamics
  • Stay in "The Zone" During a Crisis
  • Satisfy Your Thirst For More
  • Blend and Balance Information

Making Chancy Judgment Calls, Confidently

Take stock of strength and weaknesses; Listen to words and omissions; Probe, evaluate, and then perform; Expand your contact network; Exercise brain power; Take well-calculated risks; Watch your step and your stride; Remember, the devil is in the details; Stay centered; Keep your eye on the ball; Grow ideas logically; Share knowledge to get more facts

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