Gaming Media Articles

March 13, 2013
By Wendeen H. Eolis

Unlikely collaborations as well as predictable conflicts have marked the relationship between Caesars Entertainment, Inc. (formerly Harrahs) and PokerStars (Rational Group) since the enactment...

March 12, 2013
By Wendeen H. Eolis

A complicated relationship between Rational Group (PokerStars) and Caesars Entertainment has begun to reveal itself in earnest in recent weeks with an eclectic crowd of movers and shakers...

February 26, 2013
By Wendeen H. Eolis

The history of Internet-based poker forums is as instructive as it is colorful, from its raw roots in the late 1980’s at a forum dominated by zealous blackjack counters and systematic craps...

December 6, 2012
By Wendeen H. Eolis

Poker players WILL appeal for rehearing in South Carolina's Supreme Court guilty ruling against a low stakes un-raked home game in Mount Pleasant v. Chimento.

So you thought that...

December 4, 2012
By Wendeen H. Eolis

After two years of silence in the case of the Town of Mount Pleasant v. Chimento, the South Carolina Supreme Court finally reached a decision. On November 21, 2012, the Court found a group...

November 20, 2012
By Wendeen H. Eolis

Early in the morning of July 28th the shot heard ’round the poker world was short, sweet, and accurate —but incomplete.  A three way deal had been inked hours earlier by Poker Stars (Stars...

October 9, 2012
By Wendeen H. Eolis

After sitting in the hot seat during two separate interviews with poker media last month, Howard Lederer, a former director and the best known voice of Full Tilt...

October 1, 2012
By Wendeen H. Eolis

Until Howard Lederer, former president and member of the Board of Directors of Full Tilt Poker (FTP) took interviews at and, earlier this...

September 25, 2012
By Wendeen H. Eolis

In the weeks before the United States Department of Justice swooped in to crack down on online poker with deadening force, by all...

September 11, 2012
By Wendeen H. Eolis

Since the United States Department of Justice’s (DOJ), announcement revising its position on the 1961 Wire Act, by exempting online poker from federal prosecution thereunder,...